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My job, plain and simply, is to help you save money and protect the financial future of you, and your family. My clients are extremely comfortable in working with someone with my integrity, professionalism, and ability to place people with the best product for their situation.

Is your interest rate too high? Are you having trouble making your payment? Now is the time to look at your mortgage and get you a loan that makes sense.

Is your family covered in case something happens to you? Are you paying too much for your health insurance? Are you in a position where you can afford to be out of work for more than 30 days? Now is the time to call or email me so we can make sure that you are covered for the future.

“Choose the product that best fits your needs”

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Interest rates on 30 year fixed rate mortgages have stayed at all time lows for over 2 years. Take advantage of these super low rates, lower your payment, and secure your mortgage payment so it won’t change like those adjustable rates. If you plan on staying in your mortgage for no more than five years, you might want to look at our record low rates on the short term fixed loans. Our experience, professionalism, and customer service will benefit you in making a decision on the mortgage product that best suits your needs, and those of your family.With over 12 years of experience in the mortgage industry and 24 years in customer service. I have seen the industry through its ebbs and flows and I know the players. I will still be here for you when others move to the next “Hot” Industry… Read more > Protecting your family’s future for as little as $15* a month with a life insurance policy can prevent your family from more heartache. Life insurance rates are protection from lower home prices, higher expenses, and an overall American Recession. Insure the stability of your family for years to come. Your family’s well being and financial security is our priority.Life insurance allows you the peace of mind you may only get from knowing that you’ve sheltered your loved ones. In the event of your death, life insurance provides money directly to your beneficiaries. They can use the money for whatever they want, such as… Read more >*Certain terms and conditions apply. Please call for details.

“The call for your financial future is free and my services are priceless” 



A+ Rating at the BBB


Client Testimonials

We wanted to tell you "That You are an Angel in our life! May you have all the Blessing and Success in you field! Thank You and Best Regards"

Lillian and Dennis Hicks

"We went through Bill Zigler and boy are we glad we did. As a veteran with a VA loan that had never once been late on our payment and with a decent credit score we thought it would be easy to refinance through a streamline loan. However, many, many companies wanted to charge us outrageous closing cost fees to get a good rate. Bill came in and did an amazingly quick job, patiently answered our 10 million questions, did not gouge us on costs and provided wonderful communication throughout the entire process. We cannot thank him enough for doing such a fantastic job and will recommend him to all of our friends and to any others out there looking for the same type of personalized service."

Thom and Rebecca Simmons

"Just finished up with a VA refinance with Bill Zigler. This was the easiest, simplest, most efficient real estate deal I've ever had. Bill knows the market, and will get you the best deal out there! Just got 3.25% fixed and I'm very happy with my experience. Give him a call, get him the info he needs and just sit back and let him take over from there! Highly recommend Bill Zigler, he will save you money!"

Kevin C

"In the past year, we have refinanced twice with Bill Zigler. We have been extremely satisfied with Bill both times. Within minutes of our first phone conversation, I knew that I could trust him to do a great job for us. He is friendly, knowledgeable & professional & makes the process easy & as painless as possible. Bill is always quick to respond to emails, at all hours & very efficient with handling all of the paperwork. We had a few bumps in the road with our second refi, but he was there to pull us through & make it work out smoothly. I would absolutely recommend Bill!"  

Jessica P

"We called because we received a letter to refinance our home, we had received so many from all different companies over the last couple months and I usually don't even open them I just throw them in the shredder, however I happen to open this one and so glad I did. The service provided was outstanding, and they stood behind everything they stated in the letter. Bill Zigler was the individual that took my call initially and every call thereafter, he was always there to answer when we called. I never once had to leave a message. I was highly satisfied and impressed with the customer service we received. The refinance was unbelievable easy and very quick. No appraisal, no money out of pocket - actually put quite a bit of money in our pocket and will for the next 30 yrs. A huge Thank you to Bill Zigler for all your excellent service. If all companies had this kind of customer service life would be so much easier. Very rare do I encounter even satisfactory customer service these days, so I feel when I do it needs to be shared with everyone. Thank you again Bill!!!" 

Mike & Theresa R

"My husband and I recently refinanced our home in San Diego. We found Bill Zigler through Internet research. Although we have never worked with him before, we knew from talking to him on the phone and via email communications that he truly had our best interests at heart. He was very professional, knowledgeable and easy to do business with. He truly cares about working with military families. He's very above-board and trustworthy as well. He was honest in his dealings and came through on his promises. We have purchased houses and refinanced several times in the past, and this was by far the best experience we've had. We've recommended him to 2 friends already. Thanks, Bill!" 

Julie A